Making, preparing, packaging or selling essence, flavouring, colouring and food preservative

Preparing and making

  • Jam and jellies
  • Milk and cream, including powdered milk and cream
  • Powdered milk
  • Dried egg and egg flour
  • Food mixture mainly including milk and/or powdered milk
  • Any product that can be eaten made from groundnut, coconut and other nuts that involves one process other than simple drying or cooking
  • Butter, cheese and margarine
  • Peanut butter

Stall in the eatery, cinemas or other licensed premises

Distributor or agent for ice/ice-cream and soft drinks

Selling sweets, ice creams and soft drinks from mixing machines

Storing meat and meat product, sea and seafood product, vegetables and fruits

Fruit/vegetable shop

Grocery shop

Selling fresh food

All alcoholic drinks consumed outside premise

Large or small nuts factory

Any food or drink factory not specified in this schedule

Preparing or making sago, tapioca and any product from them

Preserving fish, or making fertilizer or other fertilizers

Drying and salting fish, storing copra

Storing salted fish, shrimp paste, shrimps and others

Storing, piling or selling any smelly fish and other products known as smelly fish `

Medicine shop

Palm oil factory

Poultry farm (chickens and ducks) exceeding 20 birds

Storing flour more than 1½ tonnes

Storing coconut oil

Shrimp paste factory

Animal feed factory

Making medicines and drugs

Making, preserving or storing tobacco

Making cigars and /or cigarettes