Entertainment park

Racehorse club

Dance hall

Music hall

Servicing and repairing pump and machines

Manufacturing and storing liquid gas petroleum

Rubber and tin trader

Horse stable / cow / ox / goat / sheep / pigs shed


Manufacturing containers by machines

Motorised cars and machines plant

Manufacturing and / or wholesale of rubber products

Storing old iron parts

Collecting or storing used clothes, newspapers, sacks, feathers or used items

Cleaning of precious metals by use of acid process

Storing / selling rattan, rattan or bamboo products

Manufacturing and / or storing paper-based products

Storing paints

Electric shop

Repairing and remaking or selling ovens, air conditioners and / or refrigerators / sewing machines

Shop selling products from earth / clay

Pet shop

Plant Nursery Shop

Selling detergent / poison being pests and similar materials

Manufacturing leather goods

Making sign boards / arts sign board

Storing diesel of more than 2273 litres



Manufacturing or recycling products from aluminium, bronze and other metals

Soldering work

Manufacturing rattan products

Manufacturing tone / marble products

Manufacturing toothpaste, face powder and other similar products

Fitting air-conditioners and other similar items to a motorised vehicle

Selling incense candle

Cutting glass / picture framing

Hospice / mortuary

Used goods dealers