Tyres shop

Manufacturing barbwires

Manufacturing construction/roads materials, including roof tiles, floor tiles or other similar products

Manufacturing / selling / storing fertilisers

Manufacturing fibre glass products

Grinding glass, manufacturing glass / mirror / pewter products

Manufacturing carpet / fabric and similar products

Manufacturing spectacles and replacement products

Paint factory

Manufacturing cleaners / pesticide/ insecticide and other similar items

Manufacturing shoes/slippers and other footwear except clogs

Manufacturing sportswear / extras

Manufacturing stationery

Manufacturing tin products and similar items

Storing firecrackers / fireworks and flammable products

Storing / processing / moulding any metal

Manufacturing cosmetic products and other similar products

Manufacturing textile / garment factory / knitting / weaving

Manufacturing thermos

Manufacturing / storing industrial gases


Snooker / billiard centre

Kindergarten / childcare centre

Rust proofing motorised vehicles

Storing caustic soda

Cement factory

Asbestos factory

Storing industrial alcoholic

Hardware / mineral factory

Production of alkali / acid solvents and other chemicals

Other commercial business or industry types that could harm or cause disturbances to the public or certain class of public