Realising a clean Ipoh City environment, a prosperous community by promoting excellent work culture.



Creating a clean, healthy and prosperous Ipoh City environment and promoting systematic community activities and development.



Planning, implementing and ensuring that Ipoh City Council services provided t the community are always at the highest level from time to time.



    • Coordinating other programmes that involve the Council as a Committee/Organiser/Executor
    • Carrying out efforts to improve the Council’s image by producing materials that reflect the MBI corporate image.
    • Assisting in disseminating information relating to activities / roles of MBI to the public.
    • Monitoring the results of the Council’s services to the public/Ipoh community.
    • Coordinating all sports activities / programmes and Council’s official functions.
    • Coordinating all requests for performances
    • Handling all reservations for stadiums, fields, town Hall, public hall and equipments.
    • Coordinating and taking action on town poverty issue and zero squatter issue.
    • Coordinating the progress of the area relations officer implementation.
    • Coordinating the MBI, state and federal tourism projects implementation.
    • Managing the administration of the State Information Centre.
    • Managing and coordinating all tourism activities.
    • Coordinating the Twin Cities Ipoh-Fukuoka relationship and also cooperation with other
    • Coordinating the actions under Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO).
    • Monitoring the running of the services at the library is as provided for.
    • Planning the library development according to the Council’s capability.
    • Devising the annual programmes and activities for the library.
    • Rubbish collection and disposal.
    • Monitor the cleanliness.
    • Trade and industry rubbish collection services bill
    • Managing and monitoring the funeral vans services.
    • Investigation on public complaints.
    • Sale of coupons to dispose the rubbish at the MBI disposal site to the private parties.
    • Assisting the government agencies, NGO and Welfare bodies to carry out Gotong-Royong.