Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and Salam Sejahtera.

In today's digital age, information and communications technology (ICT) plays a significant role in our daily life. It is closely related to the services provided by local authorities to their customers.

In this regard, the Ipoh City Council has also implemented it on a website that provides an efficient online communication as a medium between Ipoh City Council and its customers.

Ipoh City Council is also adapting the ICT Revolution trend where various channels have been set up to enable clients to submit applications even after office hours such as e-License, OSC Online MBI, MyBiz@MBI and more.

I hope that the facilities provided will ease the public’s daily affairs in making Ipoh a World Class City.

Lastly, thank you for visiting and using this site as a repository for information and services. Suggestions or comments provided may improve this site in providing excellent service to Ipoh City Council customers.

Thank you.

Mayor of Ip
30 Mei 2020