On enforcement action regarding temporary advertisements such as buntings, banners, illegal moneylending advertisements, billboards and direction signs, a total of 108,779 temporary advertisements had been taken down since 2018. Meanwhile, until June 2019, a total of 60,868 temporary advertisements had been taken down by the Ipoh City Council Enforcement Personnel.

The advertisement with the highest number taken down currently was regarding illegal moneylending, totalling 98,910 in 2018 and 58,107 until June 2019.

This week, the Council will be taking action to take down advertisements on festivals put up all over Ipoh city. Owners of advertisements who still have not removed their festival advertisements or expired advertisements are advised to do so as soon as possible before enforcement action is taken by the Council to remove them, and action to confiscate the advertisement deposits will be carried out.

Until June 2019, action was taken on 214 advertisement applications where RM73,250 in deposit fees were confiscated due to failure to remove the advertisements within the stipulated period.