To provide the Infrastructure and Living Environment that is Modern, Safe and Appropriate with a Sustainable City development


  • Planning the Development and Construction of Infrastructure and Public Facilities under the Council's Administration.


  • To plan and build the Infrastructure and Public facilities.
  • To maintain all Infrastructure, Public Facilities and Council's Assets.
  • To issue Temporary Permits.


  • To give approval on Planning and Development Application that Fulfils All the Planning Requirements Not Exceeding 2 Months.



  • Planning and constructing roads & roadside drainage projects in the council's area.
  • Carrying out maintenance work on the council roads, roadside draining and back lanes.
  • Check & review infrastructure development for Public and Private Housing Schemes applications relating to roads and drainage system for the purpose of development control.
  • Inspecting and supporting the issue of Certificate of Fitness for Occupation for roads and drains works for Public and private Housing Schemes.
  • Issuing and controlling the permit for road hole-drilling by public or private agency.
  • Reviewing all R&D (Roads & Drainage), Traffic and Drainage proposals and designs for all development application for OSC approval.
  • Holding "Pre-Submission" pre-discussion for all applications before the actual application by the developer.


  • Planning, identifying & building environmentally-friendly drainage & flood control projects such as main drains, bridges & drainage systems.
  • Maintaining & repairing environmentally-friendly main drains & flood control system, water retention & catchments.
  • Checking & reviewing for land development applications of public housing schemes relating to the drainage system for the purpose of development control.
  • Inspecting and supporting the issue of Certificate of Fitness for Occupation for the main construction & water retention/catchments for the Public and Private Housing schemes.
  • Preparing the implementation guidelines of the Environmentally Friendly System and monitoring and making amendments from time to time.  


  • Planning, designing & building roads, bridges, junctions, streetlights, streets facilities & traffic lights projects
  • Carrying out traffic lights, streetlights & junctions maintenance.
  • Checking & reviewing traffic infrastructure for public and private housing schemes for development approval.
  • Inspecting and supporting the issue of Certificate of Fitness for Occupation relating to traffic.
  • Carrying out studies at street junctions to reduce traffic jams from time to time.


  • Planning and assisting in designing in the preparation of plans, stalls, shop houses, public toilets and others.
  • Managing and supervising the building and other public facilities projects.
  • Carrying out maintenance and repair works on Council's buildings and assets.
  • Carrying out carpentry and preparation works for Council's functions.


  • Managing and implementing mechanical projects and maintenance on mechanical equipments.
  • Maintaining all mechanical equipments on the Council's buildings, including elevators, generators, fire prevention equipments and others.
  • Preparing the Council's vehicles purchase evaluation.
  • Maintaining & repairing Council's vehicles.
  • Coordinating the Council's vehicles usage for the departments and purchase of Council's vehicles.
  • Managing and implementing electrical projects and maintenance on electrical equipments.
  • Devising and planning long/short term electrical programmes for all Council's premise.


  • Preparing the Engineering Department's filing and records system.
  • Preparing the letters and all matters related to the office travels and administration.
  • Handling all Engineering department Officers' and Staffs' personnel matters.
  • Managing all project files matters.
  • Preparing letters and Project Management Standard forms.
  • Preparing the progress payment account statement and contract payment document.


  • Preparing the methods and Standards for Quantity Survey works to be implemented according to the requirements of the Council and Quantity Survey Malaysia.
  • Updating all regulations and Treasury Directives as well as the Government and Council's policies from time to time relating to procurement.
  • Preparing the Bills of Quantities and Specification as well as making taking off, abstracting, billing and preparing cost estimates for Contract works for tendering purpose.
  • Carrying out tender evaluation for certification by the Council or on behalf of State Government for selection.
  • Preparing the Project Progress Payment from time to time.
  • Preparing the Contractors Performance and Capability for evaluation purpose.