1.1 Dengue Fever Control and Prevention

1.1.1 Planning, organising, heading, implementing and re-evaluating all Vector Control Unit activities.

1.1.2 Reducing morbidity and mortality of the diseases carried by vectors.

1.1.3 Carrying out investigations on notified diseases carried by vectors and determining the causes as well as taking control actions.

1.1.4 Carrying out aedes inspection and identifying aedes larvae breeding places.

1.1.5 Carrying out thermal fogging/ ulv to destroy aedes mosquitoes with high aedes indicator or where dengue cases are reported.

1.1.6 Carrying out activities to reduce the aedes mosquitoes breeding causes.

1.1.7 Destroying aedes larvae by larviciding.

1.1.8 Carrying out earth-drains anti-malaria maintenance works in MBI area. 


1.2 Publics Actions and Investigations

1.2.1 Carrying out investigations on nuisance caused by mosquitoes and taking dengue fever prevention action.

1.2.2 Carrying out rodents control in MBI-owned buildings.

1.2.3 Carrying out caterpillars-and-fleas-control-and-destroy work when complaint is received from the public.


1.3 APSPP Law Enforcements

1.3.1 Enforcement of Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act 1975 by carrying out repeat inspections, issuing notice/compound and handling court action activities.


1.4 Health Education

1.4.1 Creating awareness to the public about the disease-bearing vectors, the control and prevention actions.

1.4.2 Organising the gotong royong programme of ‘Search and Destroy' at dengue hotspots.

1.4.3 Carrying out health and public awareness exhibitions in schools, education institutions, business complex and public-focus areas.





2.1 All Dengue fever cases are investigated within 24 hours.

2.2 All dengue cases control actions are carried out within 24 hours.

2.3 All reports relating to mosquitoes nuisance will be investigated within 48 hours (2 days).

2.4 All patients, patients' contacts and the neighbours within 200 metre radius from the patient's house will be educated in the ways of how to control and prevent dengue fever.



 1.    Main Functions

i.    Planning, organising, heading, implementing and re-evaluating all activities under Market Management Unit.

ii.    Processing all types of market licenses applications including permanent, part-time and temporary traders, and private market licensing.

iii.    Ensuring and improving the market cleanliness level and traders' sanitation to guarantee sale of clean and safe food.

iv.    Reporting all damages to building, water / electricity supply and others to the Work and Building Division for repair works.

v.    Enforcing the Controlling Public and Private Market (Ipoh Municipal Council) By-Law1984; Food Act 1983 and Food Handlers (Ipoh Municipal Council) By-Law 1981.

vi.    Providing customer service related to licensing and markets management in person or by telephone

vii.    Controlling and monitoring the public and private market traders' activities.

viii.    Planning and implementing scheduled cleaning works at the public markets including the toilets.

ix.    Renting and rental collection activities for the Main Market stalls.

x.    Receiving and taking actions on public complaints relating to the market cleanliness.

xi.    Confiscation activities on goods are sold without license within 50 metres in the market compound.

2.    Client Charter

i.        Processing the market license application within 2 weeks.

ii.        Daily cleaning of all public markets to a satisfactory level.

iii.        Investigating and resolving the market-related complaints within 1 week.

iv.        Collecting main market's rental bill in the first month of each term.

3.    New Market Proposals (According to Priority)

a.    Gunung Rapat Market

b.    Pasir Puteh Market

c.    Pasir Pinji Market

d.    Kg. Simee Market

e.    Jelapang Market

f.    Buntong Market

4.    Repairs Proposals (According to Priority)

a.    Menglembu Market

b.    Tg. Rambutan Market

c.    Wholesale Market

d.    Simpang Pulai Market

e.    Ampang Market

f.    Tambun Market

g.    Kg. Tawas Market

h.    Bukit Merah Market