1. Planning of new towns and regions
  2. Management of urban development control
  3. Management of valuation and property
  4. Management of licensing and business control
  5. Management of urban socio-economic development
  6. Management of ring road system, traffic and drainage
  7. Management of basic infrastructure, facilities and mobility
  8. Management of utility system situated within the municipal road reserves
  9. Management of town beautification
  10. Planning and management of landscape and open space
  11. Management of development of new / traditional / organised villages under the Council’s administration
  12. Enforcement of regulations, policies and laws
  13. Management of environmental cleanliness services
  14. Management of environmental health
  15. Management of organisational governance
  16. Management planning of the Council’s finance
  17. Management planning of human resource and human capital
  18. Management of public and customer relationships
  19. Management of information technology
  20. Management of tourism development and promotion
  21. Empowerment of the community for town’s wellbeing