Management Services Department is the backbone of the services provided by Ipoh City Council. It is responsible for coordinating the inter-departmental activities from the aspects of administration and services to achieve the stated targets. It is also involved in the planning, formulating and coordinating of all Ipoh City Council's policies and targets, as well determining the implementation of those policies efficiently and effectively.

Management Services Department comprises of the Administration Division, Human Resource Division and Council Division. The Human Resource Division comprises of Personnel Unit, Disciplinary and Promotion Unit, and Training and Competency Unit.

Management Services Department also acts as the centre and coordinator to ensure that all Council's decisions and policies are implemented efficiently and effectively through the united energy and force of all departments.


Creating the organisational / human resource planning, development and organising to contribute to the achievement of development and prosperity of Ipoh City.


Creating a quality and dynamic organisation and workforce befitting the clients' and city community's requirements towards a more prosperous quality of life.


  • Ensuring that Ipoh City Council has sufficient workforce to carry out the service functions and the development of Ipoh City Council.
  • Creating a clean, efficient and trustworthy administration and management.
  • Creating a disciplined and pleasant workforce.
  • Equipping the Council members with sufficient knowledge regarding modern management techniques through trainings and courses.
  • Ensuring that all members' service matters are always updated.