Valuing and managing the assets in a rational, fair and impartial manner.



Carrying out Fair and Reasonable Computation of Assessment Tax according to the types of assets holdings.



  • Strive to increase the Council’s revenues from the Assessment Tax and Assisted Rate Contributions sources.
  • Strive to distribute the taxpayer burden at an appropriate and reasonable level.
  • Strive to improve the quality of the Council’s assets management in the aspects of rental collections and maintenance to a level which is satisfactory to all.
  • Prepare the proposals and development studies on Council-owned lands.
  • Improve the work quality towards service excellence.


Main Function

1. Administrative Division.

Carrying out all general office, financial and staff departmental matters.


2. Technical Matters

Valuing assets/holdings for the purpose of Assessment Tax, Assisted Rate Contributions and handling the land acquisition process for the Council’s projects.


3. Asset Management Division.

Managing Council-owned lands.


Organization Chart